Mexico City, Mexico • October 30, 2017


Official religious recognition for the Church of Scientology has been signed into law by the government of Mexico, an event that marks a history of religious commitment to the spiritual values of the Church, and to its mission to bring about a better society for all.

On October 30, 2017, the Ministry of Interior of Mexico granted the Church of Scientology full religious recognition.
On October 30, 2017, the Ministry of Interior of Mexico granted the Church of Scientology full religious recognition.
“This Certificate of Constitutive Registration… accredits the character of Religious Association to the Church of Scientology Mexico.” Ministry of Interior of Mexico

The declaration in Mexico distinguishes October 30, 2017, as a special anniversary within the Church, one that reflects a long commitment to improving lives. Mexico’s first Scientology organizations were established in 1975. Now, with a 35-year history of Scientology activity across the country, the Church has seen a rapid growth of its congregations.

Scientology Recognition in Mexico

Scientologists in Mexico City worked together to establish and open the first Ideal Church of Scientology Mexico in 2010 on Juarez Boulevard in the historic center of the city. It stands adjacent to Mexico’s Fine Arts Palace, the National Supreme Court, the National Bank and the National Palace.

The opening of the Ideal Church created a national headquarters for the numerous Church-sponsored humanitarian programs, which have now reached millions of individuals in Mexico and brought help to those looking for change in their personal lives and improvements in their communities.

The National Church of Scientology Mexico
The National Church of Scientology Mexico in the heart of Mexico City.

Working with the nation’s citizens, its police and local government leaders, Scientologists have brought powerful anti-drug and human rights programs to bear on social ills, and the Church’s Volunteer Ministers have provided disaster relief efforts throughout the nation. These humanitarian initiatives reflect the religion’s steadfast adherence to both the spiritual well-being and to the welfare of the people of Mexico.

In acknowledgment, the Minister of Interior entered the Church of Scientology of Mexico into the federal registry of recognized religions, declaring the Church as an organization exclusively dedicated to religious aims with fully established scripture, practices, ceremonies and ecclesiastical structure.