MARCH 8, 2014

Three inaugural ribbons falling in unison:

One for the grand opening of the Ideal American Saint Hill Organization...

Another for the Ideal Advanced Organization of Los Angeles...

Another still to signify the completion of the Ideal Pacifica Bridge—each Org a Model Ideal Org unto itself...

And all on a street called L. Ron Hubbard Way.

Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, led the dedication of the Ideal Pacifica Bridge. Mr. Miscavige was joined by thousands of Scientologists gathered on L. Ron Hubbard Way to celebrate the historic occasion.

More than 6,000 Scientologists assembled to witness the historic gathering.

To underscore the significance of the occasion, dedication ceremonies were led by Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, Mr. David Miscavige. Mr. Miscavige addressed Scientologists in attendance stating: “Today, we fulfill L. Ron Hubbard’s vision of the Ideal Pacifica Bridge for all Scientologists of Los Angeles and, indeed, across America. For here stand the physical pillars of a Bridge now accessible to all in our Golden Age: a Bridge that embodies the ascent to total spiritual freedom, a Bridge that spans not only a boulevard—but extends to eternity itself.”

The Ideal Pacifica Bridge is unique in the world of Scientology. In very literal terms, it comprises Organizations paralleling the religion’s Bridge to Total Freedom. In that respect, and from this single location, one can ascend from introductory services to increasingly higher realms of spiritual awareness.

The Pacifica Bridge begins at the intersection of famed Sunset Boulevard and L. Ron Hubbard Way with our Ideal Church of Scientology Los Angeles. There, visitors are welcomed and provided an introduction to Scientology. Whereupon, they may begin their journey up the Bridge to the State of Clear.

That welcome extends to a new Ideal Scientology Information Center on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. As LA is home to the greatest concentration of Scientologists on Earth, this center now provides the definitive introduction to the religion. It features more than 300 informational films in 17 languages presenting the beliefs and practices of Scientology. The Center further provides dozens of introductory courses and seminars so that visitors can “find out for themselves.”

Scientologists ascending the Bridge along L. Ron Hubbard Way advance to higher-level training and processing at the Ideal American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO). ASHO was likewise transformed to a Model Ideal Saint Hill. It features two floors dedicated to delivering Scientology training with a capacity for hundreds of students at a time. It also doubles capacity for auditing (spiritual counseling) with two expansive Hubbard Guidance Centers. These Centers are particularly notable for delivering the famed Power Processes. ASHO’s Lebanon Hall is now similarly restored and newly equipped for workshops and conventions.

Across L. Ron Hubbard Way, at the figurative top of the Ideal Pacifica Bridge, stands the new Model Ideal Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA). It is here Scientologists embark on their journey to OT and higher states of spiritual awareness. To that end, AOLA boasts expanded course rooms for hundreds of Solo Auditors-in-training; a Solo Technical Division exclusively devoted to Solo Auditors on Advanced Courses; and three full Hubbard Guidance Centers for those traversing the upper realms with Audited New Era Dianetics for OTs.


The grand opening of the Ideal Pacifica Bridge follows in the wake of accomplishments signaling the religion’s greatest period of expansion. Indeed just the last four months have seen: